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Botanical Gardens, Beijing, China

I’ve been working in China for the past seven months as an English Teacher. I love teaching but many times it’s emotionally draining as I pour out my heart to the kids. So I wanted to share with you a place that was spectacular in March: the Botanical Gardens. I took my friend, Tatyana and we never made it inside the botanical gardens building but the lakes, mountains and cherry blossoms were more than enough to renew our spirit for a new work week!


-Bring a snack with you. If you don't then, some tea houses may be open or people may be selling fruit on the sidewalk. 

-Wear good walking shoes as there are many paths around the rivers and bodies of water. 

-Be prepared to use a squatty potty. Bring toilet paper or a pack of travel tissues just in case the toilet paper isn’t stocked. 

-Take the subway to the Botanical Gardens stop if you have time and are on a budget. Otherwise, take a Didi which is more expensive but faster (depending on traffic). 

Think about:

I always want to provide us with a section where we can think about or write about answers to these questions. I like to go deep not just surface level. What season are you are in?

Are you drowning in sorrows? 

Are you cheerfully plowing through challenges? 

Are you riding through life steady?

Are you at the beginning of something new or is a chapter of life coming to a close? 

Share with a close friend or family member; or on social media what challenge you’re in and how you overcome it/them.