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Beijing Olympic Park

Olympic Park 

The Olympic Park is a magical place to visit at the night! Take photos of the amazing colors of the buildings, eat snacks from the cute snack stands and/or talk with friends or family that you bring along.

A few other things that you can do is visit the inside of the Bird’s Nest and walk around the mall tucked below the first level of the Olympic Grounds. I don’t have any recommendations concerning the Bird’s Nest because I didn’t go due to the bad reviews online but I did walk down to the mall with my friend, Chelsea and drank a cup of coffee and ate a piece of cake from Starbucks.


-Take the Subway to the Olympic Park Stop or a Didi 

-Bring money to buy snacks or food/things from the mall. 

-Depending on the season, the plaza may be empty or completely full so check when the best time to go. 

-If you have any anxiety about being around people, roll Valor or Stress Away Young Living Essential Oils on your neck, spine or behind your ears to calm your mood. [Message me on how to get yours!]

Think about:

Take 5 to 15 minutes and write down the responses to these questions.

 What makes you come alive? Is it your faith, your relationship, or your job? 

What is holding you back from doing what you love? Finances, past mistakes, doubts, fears, or people’s words?