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 Hello my friends, family, and soon to be friends and family,

I hope this blog finds you well. My name is Emylee Bogart. I have traveled to the Middle East, Asia, and North America. My travels will continue as the Lord leads me to new places, beyond my comfort zone. As I have traveled, my heart has widened for people and world issues and my stomach for food. 

Why not gain wisdom and incredible laughter from this blog? Let’s do life together! Below are my WANTS/Goals for this blog:

  • I want to inspire you to follow your dreams, to trust your heart and to hear the holy spirit in your travels. 
  • I want to share the stories of people who have lost, who have won, who have broken through pain, who have danced in the rain, who have declared beauty and victory over their lives and who have cried out in disappointments.
  • I want to be transparent with photography, travel, home life, people and Jesus. Stories, yes, more stories will be shared.
  • I want to break out of this box that I contain myself in. Yes, rules and organization are great but so is messiness, freedom and frustrations. Everything can bring glory to the Lord if you let it.

If you can’t handle disorganization and mismatched stuff then this blog is not for you or maybe it is if you allow it to be. My photos and stories will be about people, nature, travel, food, and more people. Please feel free to email me with stories and pictures of your life….I will be happy to share if I feel it appropriate. 



Emylee Bogart